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A Glorious Close to the Workshop

The Grand Finale of Workshop 2 … invisible writing, fountain of foam, some practical applications of emulsification, making their own submarines, and lots of other things … plus some health and safety tips and learning life skills like the Heimlich Maneuver and basic CPR … the kids certainly enjoyed themselves. We hope they also went back enriched by the experience!

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Fun with submarines

And here’s what this batch of Newton Kids have to say about the workshop experience:

Newton Kid Shikhar speaks

Newton  Kid Mansi speaks

Newton Kid Kavyaa speaks

Newton Kid Jai speaks

Newton Kid Eshleka speaks

Newton Kid Diwakar speaks

Newton Kid Anushka speaks

Newton Kid Ashu speaks

Newton Kid Harikesh speaks

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Day 4: Solar Footlongs and Fun with Light!

Full  masti today!

Well, actually, started with a discussion of worksheets … but then, it was on to making solar ovens out of pizza boxes, or as Little Anushka put it, to the serious business of baking footlongs!!

Also had lots of fun with optical illusions, reflections and refraction … can’t believe four days are already over!

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Day 3: The Excitement Builds Up

Wonderful vibes as the workshop goes into the third day … the awe on their faces as their lava lamps go into action (see video link below) was a joy to behold. Capillary action in flowers, molecular motion, emulsification … and lots of other things … fun quizzes where the kids came up with exceptionally intelligent answers.

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Newton Kids, Batch 2: Bonding over Experiments

Now that we have a larger group in this second workshop at Brilliants’ Pitampura, we discover that experiments make for excellent bonding in a diverse group.

The ice cream was a hit, as usual, and the volcano a blast … and learning to read food labels and figure out nutrition facts is hopefully something that will stay with them for life :)

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Off to another workshop

As promised, another workshop started today, at Brilliants’ Convent, Pitampura. With a keen lot of students, the first day was a rewarding experience indeed … here are some pics and a video link … here’s looking forward to another enjoyable workshop and another batch of wonderful Newton Kids!

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Last Date to Register for the Newton Club Workshop

For all those who wish to enrol their kids in the 18th-22nd June ‘Science for Life’ workshop at Brilliants’ Convent, Pitampura (see details and venue map on the website), please send in your confirmations by Monday. You can either post your acceptance on our event wall or timeline on Facebook, or send us an acceptance mail at <>, or else, call us at 9953799827.

We need to finalize the list of participants soon to arrange for experiment materials for everyone. So, registrations will take place and the list closed on Tuesday, 12th June at the workshop venue itself.

In case anyone has a problem with registration on 12th, do let us know and we can work around it …

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Here’s to Venus …

‘Morning Star’, ‘Evening Star’, ‘Goddess of Love’, ‘Planet that influences love’ … these are some of the perceptions we humans have about the second planet from the sun in our Solar System and one of our closest neighbours.

Watch this fascinating clip from NASA of yesterday’s transit of Venus across the Sun … this event has only been observed by mankind SIX TIMES!!

And as you watch it, think about this:

  • That small speck you see is nearly equal in size to the planet we live on–Earth!
  • That giant ball of fire is what powers our lives and the entire Solar System … and that’s how little our Earth is in comparison.

So what would be our position in the whole Universe?

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Welcome to Science … you’ll love it here!!

Hey Newton Club fans!

Check out this awesome cartoon by the famous Phil Platt … I’m sure we all identify with it!!

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Recognition for Newton Club …

Hey Newton Club fans! Some great news!

Newton Club is now listed alongside GoTech, London as a recommended venue for curious, energetic kids this summer.

It feels WONDERFUL to have our efforts recognized!

Let’s hope this is a portent of things to come … :)

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Simple Truths from a Great Scientist …

Albert Einstein, YOU ROCK!!

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Revised Schedule for June Workshop in Pitampura

Dear Friends,

Owing to popular demand the dates for the ‘Science for Life’ workshop, to be held at Brilliants’ Convent, Pitampura, have been revised. The workshop will now be held from 18th to 22nd June 2012, between 9.00 am and 12.00 pm daily.

Please confirm your child’s registration at the earliest so that we can make adequate and timely provision for experiment materials for all the participants.

You can either fill in the online registration form and submit it, or call up 9953799827 and leave your child’s details and contact number.

See you at the workshop!

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The Newton Kids speak …

And here’s the feedback from Newton Kids about their experience with the ‘Science for Life’ workshop …

The kids say they thoroughly enjoyed all the experiments, and no wonder! Doing things yourself is always so much more fun than just reading about them or watching other people do them, be it the teacher in class or a show host on TV!!!

This is, after all, what Newton Club is all about — hands-on Science!

Surprisingly, the making of ‘elephant toothpaste‘ was the most popular experiment in this group (check it out on youtube at Well, it may not be actual toothpaste, and more like a fountain of beautiful, colourful foam, but it was certainly the most spectacular–almost like a magic trick!

Our own observation, however, tells us that the yummiest were making ice cream in 20 minutes (most of them tried it at home with their favourite flavours) and making their own solar ovens and baking their own mini-pizzas in them ( … as soon as they saw the pizzas were done, it was a sight worth watching to see them rush to the terrace to retrieve their solar oven … before we could reach the workshop room after them at a more sedate pace, the pizzas were all out of the ovens and almost gone!!

Although they did save some for us too :)

Plus, there was all the fun we had with lights, colours and optical illusions!

And stuff like learning how to do the Hiemlich Manoeuver to help a choking person, other first-aid measures, and the science behind food and nutritionskills and knowledge that will help them throughout their lives!

And now, over to the kids themselves …

Naina Goel, Presidium, Ashok Vihar:

Muskaan Gupta, Montford School, Ashok Vihar:

Riya Rana, Montford School, Ashok Vihar:

Manav Gupta, Ryan International School, Rohini:

Utkarsh Bhageria, Heritage School, Rohini:

Meghna Goel, Springdales School, Pusa Road:

Shreyansh Agarwal, Modern School, Vasant Vihar:

And so, we wind up our first, wonderfully enjoyable workshop. Looking forward to the next one at Brilliants’ Convent, Pitampura (check out the Google map on the link below) from 18th to 22nd June.

Good bye for now till we meet again in June!

Location  of Brilliants’ Convent, Pitampura (Workshop dates: 4th to 8th June 2012),77.11908&spn=0.044347,0.055361

(the location on the map is correct even though clicking on it you sometimes see ‘this location is incorrect)

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‘Science for Life’ Workshop: The Grand Finale

Wound up the ‘Science for Life’ workshop with a bang:

The children made solar ovens out of used pizza boxes and baked mini-pizzas in them … yummmmm!!

Made colours dance in milk, coloured lights mix into new colours on walls and had fun with some awesome optical illusions!

The children say they LOVE being Newton Kids!

We love to have you with us too, kids! See you in the next vacation …

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And meanwhile, ON TO OUR NEXT WORKSHOP at Brilliants’ Convent, Pitampura, 4th to 8th June …

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‘Science for Life’ workshop: Day 4

Almost done … the group dynamic is awesome!

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and here it is … Elephant’s toothpaste :)

Also, learning the Heimlich Manoeuver

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Science for Life: Day 3

Third day of the ‘Science for Life’ workshop … the fun continues!!

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